Monday, January 24, 2011

PolyU Bench

Set of benches that can be arranged in different formations. The design is inspired from the logo of PolyU.
Date of work: December 2010



Set of chopstick wrappers that transform into origami chopstick rests.
Date of work: March 2010

Wall Light & Drying Rack

Set of two wall lights that transform into a drying rack. Space saving solution for small homes.
Group mate: Swigney Arvelo. 

Date of work: December 2010


A card holder that includes several card holding positions. Great for receptions and tradeshows.
Date of work: March 2010


Medication dispenser for people who take medications on a daily basis. Including a smart timer that indictaes from which compartment the user should take his medications.
Date of work: November 2009


A playful wine bottle opener.
Date of work: October 2009


Domino Plus +

A new design of the classic game. The new tile includes 4 different games on its four sides.
Date of work: October 2008


3D modeling exercises. Built in SolidWorks, rendered in Hypershot.
Date of works: November - December 2009

Few Sketches

Few of my sketches in pencil, colored pencil, marker and charcoal.
Date of works: August - December 2008

Collage of Hong Kong

A collage i made about Hong Kong's split personality. I love this special place!
Date of work: September 2008